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Natural Perfect Lipstick

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• Colour and care unite to create ultra soft textures in the Natural Perfect Lipstick range. Enriched with active ingredients and formulated without parabens, they are designed to impart moisture, and nourishment to the lips.

• The Serge Louis Alvarez lipsticks offer your lips the luxury they need: creamy textures that melt on the lips and impart softness, comfort and protection.

Texture and physiological characteristics:

• The presence of Aloe Vera and Castor oil offer comfort and hydration, leaving lips moisturised and deliciously coloured.
• Luscious colours and nourishing treatments are the primary attributes of this stunning natural lipstick.
At the heart of the formula:
• The combined action of the carnauba and ozokerite waxes brings consistency and stability to the product. They ensure that the creams remain stable and that the lipsticks remain firm, and they impart shine and lustre.
• The presence of castor oil allows for an excellent dispersion of the micronised pigments to create exceptional colour coverage and easy glide.

Professional application protocol:

• Trace the lip contour using a dermographic lip pencil and shade lightly towards the interior using brush n°4.
• Apply the lipstick with the same brush, starting at the corners and meeting at the centre of the lips. Shade off the lipstick to blend with the contour line.
• Apply powder for maximum hold.
• Apply a second coat of lipstick.
• For a shiny, glamorous effect, apply a touch of star powder to the centre of the lips using brush n°8 …very stunning effect!
• For a chic, vinyl effect, superimpose a fruity gloss for guaranteed brilliance and shine.



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